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Why You Should Have a Dehumidifier in Your South Florida Home?

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Why You Should Have a Dehumidifier in Your South Florida Home?

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A dehumidifier has the capacity to greatly enhance your indoor air quality in a number of ways. Excess humidity is the top reason why fungus and mold form in houses and cause health complications. A humid home can easily suffer damaged floors, furniture, walls, floors and other items in the home. The last thing you want as a homeowner is to spend money every now and then replacing your furniture and renovating your walls.

Apart from the physical damage, humidity levels below 50 percent are associated with an increase in dust mite population. For those who are allergic, dust mites are not a friendly sight. Dehumidifiers clean and purify the air making it comfortable and safe for all the family members.

What Does the Dehumidification Process Entail?

Dehumidification is simply defined as a process through which excess moisture from the surrounding air is removed. This makes the air less humid and raises its quality. Dehumidifiers cool the air to a point that it can no longer hold any moisture. The moisture is them collected in the dehumidifier reservoir and taken out.

The collection of air is aided by a fan positioned within the dehumidifier. As the air passes through the fan, it comes into contact with the dehumidifier coils. These coils through the condensation process pull moisture from the air allowing it to drip into a reservoir. The air devoid of moisture is then reheated by the dehumidifier and released back into the room. The reservoir is a bucket like container that is removed when the water collected nears an overflow.

The Importance of a Dehumidifier

Having seen what dehumidifiers are and how they work, it is important that your also learn the benefits of having one in your south Florida home. There are several benefits that come with a dehumidifier. Some of these benefits are discussed here.

It Decreases Mildew and Mold

Mold and mildew grow in areas that are damp and moist. You will commonly find them in places such as shower walls and windowsills. Apart from causing musty odors, mold and mildew can physically damage your home. They can potentially cause a lot of respiratory difficulties amongst them asthma, allergies, sore throat and incessant coughs. A dehumidifier therefore will turn your home from a health risk area to a safe place for both you and your family.

Removes Dust Mites

Dust mites are among the uninvited guests in homesteads. They visit with no plans of leaving your home. They usually come in through air ducts and lose filters. To ensure that your indoor environment is free from these microbes, you have to eliminate the causative factors. One of them is the moisture. These little critters thrive in humid areas. A dehumidifier will do the job perfectly well. To remove the dust mites themselves, you can introduce a HEPA filter. This equipment filters out all the particles leaving the air pathogen-free and fresh.

Protection of Personal Belongings

Your clothes, food products and books will enjoy a much longer shelf life is they are kept in low humid environments. Such items also develop unpleasant smells and rot very fast. A dehumidifier will suck in all the moisture which in turn enhances the useful life of your personal belongings.

Indoor Comfort

A humid environment can be very uncomfortable to live in. As a homeowner in south Florida, your number one priority should be the installation of a dehumidifier. This will control the interior atmosphere making it cleaner, less stuffy and in the right temperature for everyone to enjoy. You will no longer worry about bad smells and ugly sites once you have a dehumidifier in place.

Because of the many brands in the market, you may be confused as to which one is appropriate for your home. Many people make the mistake of picking the one that is cheaper and easily available. The tricky aspect about this is that, dehumidifiers are made for different environments. Get an ac technician who will advise you on the best unit to purchase and install. You also need to ensure that your dehumidifier is checked once in a while to ensure that it is working right. An inefficient dehumidifier can be expensive to maintain and it will not give you the service you bargained for.

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