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Air Conditioner Repair Miami has been an industry leader right from the time we opened our doors to the public for ac repair and maintenance services. We are obligated to giving our clients a quality indoor environment for them and their families. From summer to spring, our technicians take upon themselves to respond promptly to any calls of service in addition to carrying out their regular maintenance services.
Being a locally owned and operated company, Air Conditioner Repair Miami has studied and understood the needs of its clients as far as HVAC services are concerned. We have established personal and mutually beneficial relationships with the local residents and business units making us the unrivalled provider of HVAC solutions.

The Benefits of a HVAC Repair and Maintenance Plan

A HVAC system is a capital expenditure and as such the unit is meant to serve you for a long duration of time. For this to be realized, you need a comprehensive maintenance plan that spans all year round. Such a plan will bring you lots of benefits including:
Financial Savings – An inefficient ac unit is expensive to operate because of the excessive power consumptions and escalated costs of repair due to frequent breakdowns. By having your HVAC unit checked and serviced by our experts periodically, you will save on such unnecessary expenses.
Healthier Environment – A well maintained ac system will work optimally to deliver excellent indoor air quality. Our maintenance plan checks and replaces or repairs the filters, evaporator coils and condensing units. This makes the ac unit efficient in cleaning the air of dust, dirt and other allergens.
Extended AC Unit Life – A regularly maintained HVAC unit tends to last longer thereby enabling you to enjoy its services for the full duration of time. This gives you value for money and shields you from untimely replacements.
What Our AC Repair and Maintenance Entails
At Air Conditioner Repair Miami, we have the most comprehensive ac repair programs in the entire industry. Among the services included in our maintenance programs include:
Refrigerant Charge Adjustment (RCA)
We regularly inspect the refrigerant charge in your ac units so as to establish whether it is correct and that the refrigerant lines are proper. A proper refrigerant charge is important in protecting the compressor from any damages and also enhances the efficiency of the entire ac system.

Inspections of Electrical Connections

At times, an ac unit goes on and off because of a fault in the electrical connections. Our experienced technicians at Air Conditioner Repair Miami fully understand the electrical connection network of ac units and as such will target the loose or worn out areas so as to fix them.
Lubrication of Moving Parts
The ac unit has lots of moving parts including pistons, valves and motors. Inadequate lubrication can strain the working of these parts making it difficult for the ac unit to function optimally. Components that are not lubricated well tend to wear out fast thereby making replacements frequent. At Air Conditioner Repair Miami, we inspect all moving parts and give a report before embarking on the project.
In case of any emergency or scheduled repair plan queries, get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to service your needs.