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The climate pattern in Miami necessitates that you install a heat pump in your residential or commercial premises. A heat pump is an ac unit that transfers heat from hot to cold areas in a reversible manner. By default, heat usually flows from warm areas to cold areas and as such a heat pump is required if this conventional flow is to be reversed.
Heat pumps make use of high grade energy such as air, electricity and water so as to push cold air into warm areas. At Air Conditioner Repair Miami, we have a dedicated department that handles all matters relating to heat pumps from installation to repair and maintenance. Our technicians understand the working of the refrigerants, the evaporator coils and the condenser units. This enables them to handle any repairs with confidence, clarity and accuracy.
We repair and maintain both compression heat pumps and absorption heat pumps. The absorption heat pumps can be powered by liquefied petroleum gas in addition to electricity and also have a higher Gas Utilization Efficiency (GUE) of 1:5.

Our Heat Pump Maintenance Plan

In addition to the emergency repairs, we also have comprehensive heat pumps maintenance plans to fit various clients needs. Air Conditioner Repair Miami is a fully insured and licensed ac company offering quality workmanship in the repair and installation of heat pumps. The maintenance plans we have come in different packages with each package having a certain number of services corresponding to its pricing.
The beauty with our maintenance plans is that they are affordable and they guarantee you 24/7 coverage on all your heat pump units and immediate response in case of any breakdowns. According to our findings, we have come to realize that heat pumps that are regularly serviced do not consume as much energy and they service you for a long duration of time. Bearing in mind that replacing a heat pump requires some degree of financial sacrifice, we do the much we can to delay the replacement cycles and ensure that your units are functioning well.

The Components We Service:

During the heat pump repair and maintenance services, we usually inspect the refrigerants for any leakages or the need for replacement. Our experts also inspect the fan belts and fan motors to ascertain whether they are working well and to determine the need for replacements. Any loose power cords and damaged electricity extensions are also handled at this point.
Heat pump compressors are among the most expensive components to replace. Because of this, our technicians give special attention to them thereby ensuring that any problems are detected and sorted early in advance. Clogged filters and evaporator coils are also attended to so that the overall efficiency of the heat pump is restored.

Why Work with Us?

Our heat pump repair experts at Air Conditioner Repair Miami will prioritize your needs. This means that you can call our customer helpdesk at any time of day or night and your needs will be attended to as a matter of priority. We also have a wide brand experience thereby giving you peace of mind that whatever the brand of your heat pumps, our competent technicians will be able to repair it with professionalism.
You can give us a call at any time and our 24/7 professional Air Conditioner Repair Miami experts will respond to your call of service.